Water Distribution System Design and Analysis
With water distribution systems (WDSs) as arguably the most critical infrastructure necessary for civilization, there will always be a need to constantly construct, maintain, repair and improve these systems. Accordingly, Riley has decided to make WDS design and analysis as one of its core services. The owner of Riley, has extensive expertise in this area with most of his graduate studies devoted to this particular area of civil engineering. This specialization in WDS differentiates Riley from most civil engineering firms. Riley can perform a wide range of engineering services relating to the design and analysis of potable and non-potable water distribution systems (WDS). Specific WDS services include:​​
  • System expansion and existing capacity analysis
  • Design of new water distribution networks
  • Systemwide modeling and analysis
  • Transmission system design
  • Pipe/pump design and specifications
  • Hydraulic transient/water hammer analysis
  • Storage tank sizing
  • Water quality analysis
  • Preparation of construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates
  • System cost and energy optimization
  • Irrigation system design
  • Creation of custom modelling tools using the EPANET Programmer’s Toolkit