The skillsets of our staff extend beyond our primary roles as designers and engineers. We are flexible and able to adapt to provide our clients with specific services outside of our of primary service areas previously listed. Our staff is cross trained to operate in multiple disciplines from technical writing to CAD design. This cross training allows us to be flexible in our roles and be more efficient. Other miscellaneous services that Riley can perform include:  

  • Design Manuals or Protocols 
  • Third Party Technical Reviews  
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  
  • General CAD Drafting services   
  • Academic Research Collaborations  

Design Manuals or Protocols 

The field of civil and water resources engineering is always evolving, especially with precipitation patterns becoming highly variable. Therefore, municipalities are in constant need of adapting engineering methods and processes. Riley senior engineers have extensive experience in preparing design manuals and protocols. 

Third-Party Technical Reviews 

With collectively over 60 years of experience in civil and water resources engineering, our senior engineers have designed and constructed enough projects to know what performs well. Riley can perform third-party reviews for a wide range of projects for municipalities as well as the private sector. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

As geospatial data is becoming more widely available due to technological advances, the need for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is increasing and is becoming integral to a wide range of disciplines. Riley has the tools and technical knowledge to analyze map data and create maps for use in various fields beyond engineering. 

General CAD Drafting Services 

On occasion, a project may have all the components but might lack presentation in the form of CAD drawings. Riley can work with architectural and engineering firms and other entities lacking in-house CAD designers to create CAD drawings. We house a dedicated senior CAD designer and all our engineers are proficient in CAD. 

Academic Research Collaborations 

Members of our team possess advanced degrees and have garnered the experience and expertise necessary to pursue academic research endeavors. Accompanied by our staff’s innate desire to develop new ideas and knowledge in civil and water resources engineering, we can work with you to take a problem and formulate real, long-term solutions. Riley can lead research projects as well as assist in research collaborations with academic and governmental parties.