With the U.S. experiencing record droughts in the western and southwestern states, efficient management of water supplies is becoming increasingly important for municipalities and water utility service providers. Riley understands the importance of a reliable water supply for the socio-economic well-being and future growth of the all communities. From the scale of a single property to the city level, providing a strong scientific approach towards management of water resources and surface water hydrology is one of the core services that we offer to our clients. 

  • Watershed Modeling  
  • Evaporation/Infiltration Studies 
  • Statistical Rainfall Analyses 
  • Water Supply Availability Studies 
  • Urbanization/Development Impact Studies 
  • Flood Studies 
  • Hydrology Studies 

Our staff consists of trained technicians, licensed engineers and professional hydrologists that have extensive experience in analyzing and quantifying surface water flows. Our staff is fully trained and proficient in software such as HEC-HMS, HEC-SSP, HEC-DSSVue and ArcGIS. As not all problems can be solved with off-the-shelf software, our research background allow us to create customized hydrologic models and tools using the MATLAB programming language. Our senior engineers have also authored and developed various peak runoff estimation methods that have been used by various governmental and regulatory agencies throughout southern Arizona for the past 30 years.