Riley’s services do not end at the design stage, we can help you take your project through final construction to ensure that your project is constructed according to plan and specification. Our staff is trained and certified to use the Construction Specifications Institute’s MasterFormat taxonomical system to organize construction documents and processes. To support our clients through construction, we offer the following support services. 

  • Bid Documents (Plans, Specifications, Scope of Work, Bidding Instructions, Bid Forms) 
  • Construction Quality Assurance Plans 
  • Inspections and Coordination with Third-Party Material Testing Firms 
  • Contractor Selection Assistance 
  • Owners Representative 
  • Project Management 
  • Construction Quality Assurance / As-Built Reports 

Our extended construction support team includes independent consultants who have successfully owned and/or operated underground utility and earthwork construction firms. Our extended team who has had firsthand experience building the very infrastructure that we design, consult with us on projects to ensure that any plans and specifications that we produce are constructable and cost-effective. This process allows us to smoothly transition from design to construction and greatly minimizes complications during construction.