Client: Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, LLC

Location: Page, Arizona

  • Approximately 10,000 sq ft. visitor center
  • Groundwater well sustainability analysis
  • Water treatment plant design
  • 60-room hotel
  • 1,800-gallon storage tank
  • 2.5 miles of forced main
  • 10,800 sewer lagoon

Project Overview: 

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, one of the largest private tour companies on the Navajo Nation, enlisted Riley to conduct a feasibility study to determine how to supply potable water and treat wastewater at its remote location several miles east of Page, Arizona. This study was conducted in anticipation of a hotel and visitor center being constructed at the tour facility, each with a self-contained water and wastewater system.

The remoteness of the project made it imperative that the water and wastewater systems not only meet environmental requirements but also best serve the needs of the guests in terms of reliability and odor control. To provide the best possible solution, five wastewater system options were considered: (1) a force main to the City of Page’s wastewater treatment plant; (2) on-site septic tanks and leach fields; (3) packaged on-site treatment plant; and (4) a sewer lagoon.

This project was a great opportunity for Riley to leverage our  insight into the engineering and permitting challenges faced in remote tribal areas. The outcome was a cost-effective and holistic solution developed through coordination with tribal agencies including the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, the Navajo Nation EPA, and the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources.