Client: Green Valley Water District

Location: Green Valley, Arizona

  • Hydraulic modeling of over 4,550 service connections
  • Evaluation of additional 1,622 service connection
  • Hydraulic Modeling using WaterCAD
  • 1000+ nodes/junctions
  • 2000+ pipes

Project Overview: 

Green Valley Water District, a water provider serving 4,550 customers in Green Valley, Arizona, is anticipating growth of 1,622 services, and requested guidance on what system improvements need to be provided by the developers in support of the anticipated growth. Riley improved upon an existing hydraulic model developed by a previous engineering consultant, by updating consumption demands with historical system consumption data. This enhanced WaterCAD hydraulic model was calibrated using field measured data, corrected pumping station data, and realistic model elements that better capture the physical features, thus improving the future growth model geometry using available plats and topography.