Client: Grove Pointe HOA

Location: Tucson, Arizona  

  • 1,300 ft of water main 
  • 1,100+ ft of service line 
  • 15 buildings 
  • 56 total units 

Project Overview: 

Grove Pointe HOA was experiencing a high frequency of waterline breaks as well as issues with inadequate water pressure. Riley assessed the property and concluded that inappropriate material selection and poor initial construction were the causes for the high occurrence of breaks, and that a new water system was needed.

Riley is creating a hydraulic model of the new system using EPANET and preparing design drawings using Tucson Water Standard Specifications and Details and Metro Water Supplemental Specifications and Details. Riley partnered with a private utility locator using state-of-the-art locating technologies to mark existing water, sewer, electric, communications, and gas lines so that a route can be identified for the replacement waterline. Every effort will be made to minimize downtime for residents’ water connections by keeping the existing waterline in service except for when the new connections are being added to the public water main and to the individual residences.

Riley understands the financial challenges and inconvenience that waterline replacements can cause for HOA residents and is walking with the HOA leadership and residents every step of the way to ensure that the new system is designed and installed quickly and correctly with minimal disruption to residents.