Water Resources and Surface Water Hydrology
With the nation experiencing record droughts and water shortages in the western and southwestern states, efficient management of water supplies is becoming increasingly important for municipalities and water utility service providers. Riley understands how important an adequate and reliable water supply is for the socio-economic well-being and future growth of a city or town and thus, has made water resources and surface water hydrology one of its core services. Accordingly, Riley has invested the time to learn and understand surface water hydrology by earning a Ph.D. minor in Hydrology and focusing to work on projects where quantification of surface water supplies from runoff was crucial. More specifically, Riley provides the following types of services relating to water resources and surface water hydrology studies: ​​
  • Watershed modeling and model calibration
  • Quantification of flood peaks and flood volumes
  • Evaporation and infiltration studies
  • Forecasting studies
  • Water balance studies
  • Statistical hydrology calculations
  • Water supply availability studies
  • Future urbanization/development impact studies
  • Reservoir sizing and routing studies
  • Custom hydrologic modelling building utilizing MATLAB computer programing language